Wednesday, September 9, 2009


smlm befday dia..
finally dia dh 21 tahun..
which is the age that most people said the "umur utk dpt kunci kebebasan"..
i actually cannot define that statement clearly..
yg penting, dia dh 21..
dh masa utk dia jd lebih matang..early adult..

for those yg terlibat..
tq for the cooperation..
tq guys..
korg mmg sporting la..
caya la..!!

cme ak suka sgt bila dia happy..
rasa mcm ak pn happy sgt2..
xleh nk gmbr la perasaan masa tu..
mmg suka gler la bler dia happy..
yeah!! ak dh wat dia happy..
ak suka!!
suka sangat2!!

happy birthday bee~~
may Allah bless him..

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