Sunday, March 20, 2011

yes!! i was addicted.

ni sume pengaruh dak2 uma aku. biasa la umur meningkat ni, pengaruh rakan sebaya mmg bahaya gler. x kukuh iman, mmg terjebak la. huhu...dan mmg dh terjebak pon.

act, this show started on 2009. but i only watch this show in early 2011. hehe...:)
they are ridiculous. i enjoyed watching them and make me laugh non-stop.

my fevret, sunny, sunkyu, the chicken catcher. she really like someone from the countryside.

the only guy in this show. actually not. there are 2 other men. handsome and his voice nice. i love his 'love rain'.

look like a couple. blessed them. :) :) :) dunno y, just like them to be together. another pic of them below.

note: sape2 yg ada episode depa yg setrusnya, pass la kt aku eh. :)

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