Thursday, January 7, 2010

love is not only about feeling

"mcm mne klu 1 hari nnt org ada sakit or accident, then smpi kena amputation??? dia tinggalkan org x?"
'ak cuma mmpu telan air liur yg penuh ngn enzyme ni.'

can u imagine what answer will come out from my mouth?? huh..that's a big meaningful question. and my answer might be, "yes, i will leave u." i dont think im going to answer, "no, i will never leave u till the end of my breath."

not bcoz im not love him. not bcoz i don't care about him. but love also need me to think about myself. i cannot spend my whole day to take care of him. coz i know, if i stay with him, i hv no gut to leave him alone doing those daily living stuff by himself. but, then i'm not sure i can forget him. mayb u all that read this entry will say that i'm selfish, watsoeva. it just me. and if that thing happen to me which is i'm the one who will be amputated or etc, i will let him go. coz, one day i will know that the "love" is already change into "sympathy". don want that happened. it will hurt u so muchhhhh then.

tapi aku harap dan aku berdoa yg this thing takkan berlaku kt aku. wlupun ak xtau apa yg Allah dh tulis utk masa depan aku, ak cuma mampu berdoa dan harap yang terbaik utk kami.

p/s : mencintai seseorang tak bermakna memiliki dirinya

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