Saturday, November 21, 2009

GIS after 3 weeks

yg di sana..yg tudung ungu..pliz explain about pathogenesis of H.pylori..
kamu, pliz explain about histology of pylorus (part of stomach)..
yg 2 dr hanim, terangkan blood supply of the liver..

3 weeks in a row, i've been pointed by dr.nova, dr.cut and dr.nova again to present those assignment...ok, fine...4 the 1st 2 weeks, i can answer those Q..but not for the 3rd time..n then, when i can't tell the answer...feel down gler..huhu..

malas nk study GIS!!! tulun2!!! ada kaitan x x dpt jwb ngn mls nk study???
sepatutnya x dpt jwb trus study...apala ak ni...yg pntg ak mmg sgt mls nk study GIS..dh la 1 case tutorial, x nk ada 3,4,5,6 dsz plak...ssh x hengat~~ hoho..

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